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Many people see accounting as a necessary evil that removes focus from the work of taking care of existing and new customers. For us, accounting is a pleasure - even an art!

Accounting needs to be done both on time and in the right way to avoid costly problems in the future.

The only thing our customers need to do is leave their supplier invoices, receipts and bank account statements to us and we will ensure that these are booked in a tax manner both correctly and also as beneficial to the customer as possible. These documents are uploaded to our client portal, which makes it less important where the customer has his business.

The accounting takes place in one of the market's best financial systems, which is constantly updated based on new tax rules and rates.

Juridisk forskning och skrivande

In most cases, we have access to our clients' bank accounts via the internet. Thereby we are responsible for paying all supplier invoices, salaries and taxes in time.


At the same time, we monitor that customers of our clients pay on time and can start the claim management routine quickly and efficiently.


Letting us handle your payments not only means that you have more time to generate revenue - it is also a guarantee that the accounting work is handled efficiently and with precision.


This is based on a trust that is built with our customers.

By providing references, new customers can discuss this and other issues with our existing customers and thus feel secure.

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Financial statements & reporting

The financial staements are a receipt or conclusion of how the business has performed during a certain period and provide a snapshot of the assets and liabilities on the balance sheet date.

We report monthly to our clients on how revenues, costs, assets and liabilities have developed. This is presented in comparison with the same period last year and against the budget set for the period, if established.

Tax advice

Questions arise daily about the tax consequences of a certain decision.

As a client of McKinley Accounting Firm, the answer is often just a phone call or email away.


We think that in the long run it always pays to comply with current tax legislation. But within that framework, there are always "better" and "worse" alternatives. There we act as an ongoing to our clients,

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Budget & forecast

The larger a company is, the more you spend time budgeting and making ongoing forecasts.

For smaller companies, we always suggest setting a "rough" budget, without making it too detailed.

We propose this for two main reasons:


  • The budget can be the basis for submitting a Preliminary Income Declaration. This declaration determines how much F-tax (preliminary tax) you pay in each month. Deviations from the budget during the year give signals that the company may pay in more or less F-tax than it should pay.


  • The budget provides important guidance for how much you must at least achieve in invoicing each month for the company to turn around.


We help most of our clients with this basic level of financial management. However, we have the experience and competence to develop more detailed budgets and forecasts.


Invoicing is the artery of the company. It is easy to get into liquidity problems if you fall behind with invoicing.

Even if all other administration would

stand still, invoicing must always continue.

Our clients send their invoice requests via a web form on our website and as soon as we receive these, we invoice with the highest priority, normally the same day we receive it.


A copy of the invoice issued and sent to your customer is always uploaded to the shared document library in the Client Portal.

Salaries & staff

If invoicing is the artery of the company, wages are the artery of the employees!

Although there are a number of reasons why the employees have chosen to work for your particular company, the salary is an important motivating factor for most people.


Payroll management requires good knowledge of current laws and regulations. Improper handling can be costly for the company if an employee initiates and wins a labor law process.


McKinley Accounting Firm administers the day-to-day management of salaries, including the payment of salaries, outlays, calculation of holidays, sick leave, preliminary tax deductions, posting pay slips

in  the Client Portal in employee folders.

This saves both time and hassle for our clients and also keeps the employees happy and satisfied.

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VAT, reverse charge VAT, employer contributions,

F-tax, preliminary tax, benefit taxation, and income tax are some of the most common taxes that must be handled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

McKinley Redovisningsbyrå ensures that clients' operations comply with these laws and regulations, while we always strive to ensure that they receive the best possible tax solution / arrangement.


There are many types of declarations a company may need to make. Below are some examples of what we do as a registered declaration agent for our clients:

  • Employer contributions & Deducted Preliminary tax

  • VAT

  • Periodic Summary

  • Application for payment of prel. tax reduction - ROT / RUT

  • Control information

  • Tax & Fee notification / Preliminary income tax return

  • Annual Income Declaration (INK1 & INK2)

  • NE appendices

  • K10 form

Depending on the nature and scope of the business, some of these declarations are submitted continuously during the year, others quarterly or annually.

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Company formation

Are you going to start a new business or transform into Aktiebolag?


We help you register a new company - whether you are a new entrepreneur or have run, for example, a sole proprietorship and have now chosen to transfer the business to a Limited Liability Company.


In connection with the registration, a number of important decisions must be made that will have a major impact on the future. We help you sort out the concepts and make sure that the decisions you make are the right ones for you.


One of these decisions concerns precisely which company form is most favorable. The choice is not only governed by the differences in taxation. There are other important differences that one must know before making a decision.


Contact us and we will help you get started - quickly and easily!

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