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In January 2020, we launched our Client Portal

The client portal is a secure and efficient platform for document sharing and ticket management and has certain integrations with external systems, such as corporate mailboxes in KIVRA and UC - the principal Swedish provider of credit references.

Login to the portal is done via BankID.

As a client, you have access to all the company's accounting documents and reports 24 hours a day via your mobile, tablet or computer. You upload scanned documents to a special folder in the portal where we classify and archive the documents in clearly organized document folders.

Employees in the client companies receive their own folder that contains their pay slip and are given the opportunity to upload driving logs, travel invoices and expense receipts. They do not have access to any other folders in the company library.

Auditors are given access to the entire document library, whereby no submission of documents needs to take place in connection with auditing.

As an accounting firm we meet the requirements set by GDPR through secure handling of customer and personnel documents.


If we do not have the required sorce documents needed ifor the accounting  we create a ticket with a last response date and send it to our client. When the cleint sends missing documentation, we confirm that the ticket has been resolved and close it.

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