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For 15 years, McKinley Accounting Firm has successfully managed current accounting, invoicing, salaries, payments and tax declarations for its clients.

Examples of industries in which our clients operate are

  • Building & Construction

  • IT Services

  • Insurance brokerage

  • E-commerce

  • Staffing

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Legal services

  • Health


The name McKinley refers to the highest mountain in North America, now called Denali, and is located in Alaska. The name was chosen to represent our goal to help our customers climb with as light load as possible so that they can reach the top faster and easier. We do this by relieving them of basically all administration.

Consider us your Sherpas!


You get personal and customized support in all matters concerning financial administration, at a competitive, fixed monthly price, or on a current account.


We work with Swedish legal entities but it does not matter where in the world you personally are as we work with cloud services where we and our clients have unlimited access to all common documents and even in some cases, our systems.


And best of all, in the end, you will find that what we charge has not been a cost. This is because we often manage to save more money than we cost while you as an entrepreneur have been able to increase your income instead of spending hours on administration!


Our business concept is to offer small and medium-sized companies comprehensive, packaged solutions in accounting / bookkeeping, invoicing, ROT deductions, ledger monitoring, supplier payments, salaries, taxes, financial statements, declarations, etc.

Allowing us to handle accounting, invoicing, salaries, payments, tax & VAT returns allows our clients to focus on developing their customer relationships and business.

We work with all company forms and often help our customers when they want to form a new business or transform from a sole proprietorship to a limited company.


Customer focus


Our clients' needs are more important to us than our our own. We are there to help and support our clients on their terms. This is one of the factors that makes us establish long-term relationships with our clients.




With us, every client is equally important, regardless of the size of your business. If we were not interested in doing our utmost for you as a client we would not have taken on the task in the first place.


For us, quality is always more important than quantity.




Your finances and your company's business are matters that do not concern anyone else. We have a strict privacy policy that makes our clients feel safe to leave their finances and business information in our hands.



When we carry out our assignments, we follow current laws and regulations. One of the cornerstones of our competence base is to know exactly what you can and cannot do in a business. This does not prevent us from always trying to find as fiscally favorable solutions as the law allows.


Our business is based on strong trust from our clients. This is our most valuable capital. We have built this up over many years of acting in the name of ethics!

Contact me and I will tell you more about how we can help you and your company!


Contact me and I will tell you more about how we can help you and your company!

Tomas Lind, owner and Managing Director

Tel. +46-(0)-8-559 114 62

Tinna Edlund, partner

Tel. +46-(0)-73 945 36 10

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